Keffer Kia - We purchased a Kia Rondo with high expectations

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Wow what a joke!!We were never able to get anyone to help us with the additional warranties we purchased to cover the upholstery and the paint.

We were hung up on. Lied to. We were sold a car with an outdated inspection sticker!!! We were told to lie on the finance application and give fake names for references.

Then find out that we cannot pay off the car early because they only take checks and of course by the time they receive the checks you have more interest owed. No Online Bill Pay?? How 1970's.

We returned the car and have also filed a complaint with the BBB and have charged Kia Corporation, Keffer Kia of Mooresville and Franklin Financial with Breach of contract.Never ever buy a KIA

Review about: 2007 Kia Rondo.



This is Jack Stratton. I own the website

My wife currently has a rapidly moving lawsuit in the N.C. courts against Dwayne Moser, Keffer Hyundai, and James Keffer. (See my previous posting above).

Your boss James Keffer should be aware that he could have quickly and easily settled my wife's current lawsuit, but he chose instead to pay his lawyer (apparently large sums of money) to dig an even deeper hole for Keffer.

Now James Keffer is going to be sued again, this time in FEDERAL COURT.

My wife and I are both filing multi-million dollar federal lawsuits AGAINST JAMES KEFFER AND HIS LAWYER.

Keffer may want to hire a different lawyer for his upcoming federal cases. My wife Kathy (a pro se housewife with no legal experience) has already beaten and publicly humiliated James Keffer's current lawyer in state court.

I am personally "chomping at the bit" to get James Keffer and his lawyer in federal court.

Regardless of what James Keffer's lawyer may tell him, KEFFER WILL LOSE IN FEDERAL COURT.

Our federal lawsuits are going to SHOCK Keffer and his lawyer, and hopefully the entire community.

Furthermore, I have aquired the following two domain names to directly and publicly deal with James Keffer's lawyer:



The above-referenced sites are under construction, as is our ALL NEW UPDATED site to be unveiled soon (documenting all the additional evidence we have gathered since my wife's current state lawsuit was filed).

While James Keffer's lawyer has been busy collecting Keffer's money, I have been busy collecting evidence.

Other Keffer victims out there, please contact me with your documented evidence against Keffer dealerships, owners, managers, employees, and lawyers.

Jack Stratton


Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #59282

Ever been scamed by a car dealer?want your story to be heard by many?

contact me and you might be on our radio show telling thousands what has happend to


That totally exceeded my expectations for what the vehicle is really worth Thank you!!!!!


We have reviewed your case and have decided to refund the entire purchase price of your Rondo. You should receive the check for $46.53 in 4-6 weeks.

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